• Raw Amber Burnished Bead Baby Teething Necklace Mulit Color

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Teething necklaces of this type transfer more of the succinic acid, the active soothing agent in natural Baltic amber, than do teething necklaces that are polished and look like jewelry. This necklace is made for effect.

This teething necklace is identical, but for the modern safety clasp and high tensile safe string, to the teething necklaces used by mothers in Eastern Europe for centuries. .

It is made from pure, Natural Baltic Amber.  The beads are flat bean shaped burnished cognac and cherry.  Such beads are often mistakenly called raw. Burnished or semi-polished are the correct terms.  See Raw Amber. The bead dimensions are approximately .5 by .78 by .6 cm.  It weighs about 5.3 grams and is 33 cm long. Each bead is individually knotted for added safety. All dimensions and weights are close approximations.  There will be some slight variations from these estimates.  Each necklace will be unique.

We are direct manufacturers in Poland and our teething necklaces have been subjected to IFR testing by the International Amber Association, Gdansk Poland. That Association, made up of the most qualified amber experts in the world, states that IFR testing is the only definitive test to determine if the amber is natural Baltic amber. We have the IFR test results that show that our necklaces are pure, Natural Baltic amber.

You may wish to perform your own tests. If you do, will read the book How To Test Amber. This is important because most people do not know the proper procedures for testing and most often come up with false negatives.

We are also amber bead manufacturers and one of the largest sellers of beads for baby teething necklaces in Eastern Europe with our beads being supplied to many other manufacturers and home based teething necklace makers all over the world. You get the best pick of our beads in these necklaces.

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Raw Amber Burnished Bead Baby Teething Necklace Mulit Color

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