• Two Piece Set - Honey Colored Mother / Adult Necklace Plus Baby Teething Necklace

You get an adult necklace and a child's necklace that are identical in color and bead form.

The detailed specifications for each are in the respective pages for teething necklaces and adult necklaces. We combine one of each of identical color and form to make a package.

The necklaces have the same type clasp so they can be attached together. The mother wears both during pregnancy. She continues to wear both after the child is born until the child is able to wear the necklace.

A Mother Child Necklace set made of natural amber is the first visible sign for the life-long connection between mother and child.

Natural amber is a Biolith, a resin which was produced from a living tree, and mutated in more than 40 Million years from resin to stone. This is maybe the reason, why the ancients instinctively made amber the oldest gemstone and remedial stone of Europe.

Over the centuries, people have learned by experience that amber lives with people: they believe Amber takes up oscillations, stores them and transmits them.

Mothers have historically taken advantage of this deemed storage and transmission ability to create a bond between themselves and their children even while the child is in the womb.

To take advantage of this, amber necklaces are made in pairs. They are identical in color and bead form. One necklace is long and fits the mother. The second is small and serves as an eventual baby teething necklace.

It is believed that the oscillations stored in the amber create a reassuring connection between the mother and child.

Beyond that the wearing of identical necklaces by mother and child creates a visible and psychological bond as well.

As an added note, for generations midwives have been of the belief that the wearing of amber necklaces has a positive effect during the birthing process.

These sets make wonderful gift choices. Any offline gift shop or birthing related facility should offer them to their clients.


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Two Piece Set - Honey Colored Mother / Adult Necklace Plus Baby Teething Necklace

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