Baby Bracelets / Anklets

Baby Bracelets / Anklets

Baby Bracelets Anklets

The minimum order for wholesale prices for any one SKU is 10 pieces.

You may order fewer of any one SKU but you will pay our Warsaw retail price.

The prices per piece for Baby Bracelets/Anklets are:

1 - 9 Warsaw Retail $6.00

Wholesale Starts At 10 Pieces

10 - 49   $5.30

50 - 99   $4.90

100 and more  $4.63

Prices are listed at Warsaw Retail. The checkout system automatically calculates the prices for you so you pay the proper price for the quantity that you want. You can check the calculations in the shopping cart and adjust the quantities to meet your budget.

Prices do not include shipping and taxes. After we see your order, we will contact you and discuss how you would like them shipped. We can give you the shipping costs and any taxes at that time.

If you have any questions at all about using this system, or anything else for that matter, contact us.

Note that if you want necklaces made to your specifications, we can generally do it   Contact us with your requirements.

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