How To Use This Marketplace

How To Use This Private Marketplace

This marketplace is for placing preliminary purchase orders and using those intial purchase orders to finalize details BEFORE placing a firm order.

You do not buy directly here. Your purchase is made privately and not until after all negotiations and details are complere.

Put another way, your preliminary purchase order is a REQUEST FOR QUOTATION.  You are requesting final prices, shipping costs, delivery times and any other details related to your order.

It has advantages for you.  You don't order and pay for something and then get surprised by extra charges or out of stock delivery problems.  You know everything up front before you pay.

The marketplace system is interactive. It calculates discounts based on the quantities that you order. The more you order of a particular product, the greater the discount.

As a first step, click on the product that you want. A price will be displayed. The price is in US dollars. This price is what we call Marketplace retail. It is less than Minimum Order Requirement for wholesale prices. There is no discount.

When you order a quantity that is eligible for a discount, that discount will be shown in your shopping cart.

First assemble your order and start the checkout process.

Review your shopping cart to verify the products and quantities that you want.

The shopping cart will show quantitiy discounts.

When you go to your shopping cart you are given the opportunity to change the quantities of any item that you have ordered. Discounts will continue to be adjusted.

There is no charge for shipping in this calculation. Costs and shipping services will be discussed after we get your purchase order and contact you.

Payment options show bank transfer. This is a default option that is there just to make the system work. Once we review your purchase order, we will discuss payment options with you. At that time we can weigh your product and calculate the shipping charge. 

Confirm the order.

We will get you order and contact you to double check all details and confirm shipping and all other details.

If you have any questions at all, contact us.