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Below are the pages for Wholesale Products Poland. They provide you direct access to distributors, wholesalers and factories in Poland. If you wish to buy Polish products, use these pages.

Use this page to find many tutorials, business opportunities and product information. It has one of the most comprehensive lists of information about Polish products and how to make money with Polish products that you will find.


Baby Teething

Mechanical Globe Watch Necklace

Wholesale mechanical, skeleton, globe watches on a lanyard necklace.

Prayer Beads

Baltic amber Islamic prayer beads that are perhaps the highest quality amber prayer beads on the market.

Salt Lamp Distribution

About and how to become a salt lamp distributor.


About the Wholesale Products Poland Master Distributor Program for the distribution of products from Poland.

Wooden Boxes

The wooden boxes made in the Tatra Mountains of Southern Poland are known the world over for their quality and unique designs. They are the product of a long standing cottage industry supported by talented Polish wood carvers who pass the tradition and patterns from generation to generation.

Wooden Jewelry Boxes

The wooden jewelry boxes shown in this page are handmade in Poland. Beneath each picture of a box you will see the size of it in centimeters. And next to it is the SKU (Stock Control Number) for that particular wooden box.

A Unique Flea Market Product - Amber

This page dicusses Natural Baltic Amber as a flea market product.

Watch Samples

This page describes the Unikat Polish Design watch sample procedure.


This page describes the watches and pocket watches that are available through this firm.

Company Gifts With Logo

This page describes pocket watches with logos to be presented as company or club gifts.


Portable Folding Tables


Folding Tables

This page contains information about sturdy, inexpensive, multifunctional, portable, folding tables.

Portable Tables

This page contains information about portable tables that can be used in many different settings and ways.

Portable Work Table

A heavy duty work table that is easily moved from location to location.

Bench Vise

A portable bench vise for the home improvement and diy market.

Hand Made Art Glass Jargilo


Wiza Polish pottery

Amber Price Indication

Christmas Ornament Showroom

Watering Globe Showroom

Crystal Distributor Showroom

Natural Baltic Amber Distributor

This is a distribution business for selling Natural Baltic Amber wholesale or retail, online or off-line, that you can start up quickly, easily, and with a remarkably small investment. With is business you will be able to sell Natural Baltic Amber into many market segments. You will be able to sell to people interested in fashion jewelry, medicinal Amber, Amber Baby Teething necklaces and more.


Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec Polish Pottery

Zaklady Boleslawiec pottery is one of the most well known names in the world of Polish pottery. It is a Polish state owned factory. It was originally a German factory before Poland's borders were moved West. And the patterns are, for the most part, of German origin.

Crystal Glasses Zawiercie

The glasses shown here are a small selection of crystal and glasses that are available from the Zawiercie Crystal Factory in Poland. Zawiercie is an Old World Factory of the highest reputation and famous the world over for its crystal.

Amber And Jewelry
There is nothing comparible to fine hand decorated Polish art glass.

Christmas Ornaments
There is nothing comparible to fine hand decorated Polish art glass.

There is nothing comparible to fine hand decorated Polish art glass.

Garden Globes
There is nothing comparible to fine hand decorated Polish art glass.

There is nothing comparible to fine hand decorated Polish art glass.

Polish Pottery
Boleslawiec Polish Pottery comes from a part of Poland that has a very special clay that makes high quality ceramics and stoneware
Wooden Boxes
Polish hand painted porcelain is the top in the world.
Wooden Figures
And More
Be Your Own Boss
Poland offers you many business opportunities that allow you to supplement your income or be your own boss.
Supplement Your Income


Import Export
buying and selling imported products