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A source for wholesale products from Poland with direct factory prices.

This page gives you information about buying wholesale products directly from factories in Poland and how to become a wholesale distributor, how to sell the products online and how to sell retail. The products in this site are primarily home decor and Polish jewelry – natural baltic and amber and silver jewelry.

Buy Unique And Exclusive Polish Products Factory Direct Wholesale

This website is designed to help people who are interested in purchasing products from Poland on a wholesale basis. It serves small businesses as well as the medium sized retailers. It also shows you how that you can become a wholesale distributor of Polish products.

Wholesale Products QuickLinks

The following links will take you directly to products and wholesale prices.

If you have a small shop or boutique, you might review the information that is at this link Wholesale Products For Small Shops that lists products that can be bought in small quantities and which products are particularly appropriate in a setting that presents high quality products.

Below this text are some pictures of products that are typical of the high quality products that you can buy a wholesale in Poland. Each picture will take you to a page with descriptive information about products that you can buy wholesale and which are representative of the picture on which you click.


Polish art crystal vase that is hand formed 24% lead crystal glass from Poland.Natural baltic amber baby teething necklace that can help your baby through the teething process.Polish pottery cats from Boleslawiec Poland that is the home of Boleslawiec Polish pottery.Colored gazing globe from Poland that can be lighted from the inside.
Polish salt lamps are the oldest form of salt lamps with asthma cure.Natural baltic amber silver and amber jewelry pendant with unique amber insert.Amber and silver added to glass and crystal makes some of the finest presentation pieces that you will ever see.Sets of art crystal champagen glasses and other glasses from one of the world's best crystal artists.
One of the finest Boleslawiec Polish pottery coffee sets that you will ever see.Colored crystal wine glasses make distinctive gifts for all occasions.Boleslawiec cats retail and wholesale for all occasions. Polish pottery tea sets make great gifts. And don't forget your own collection.
Salt lamps and candles are widely used for aromatherapy in Europe. Find out why here.Polish pottery kitchen magnets to brighten up your life. These plant watering balls make some of the most useful and appreciated unique gifts that you will find.Hand made and hand engraved crystal glasses with forest scenes that are simply impressive. Great gifts for men.
An amazing piece of handcraft - small rhinoceros exclusively finished with Swarovski crystals encased in a transparent, hanging glass egg.One of the most beautiful crystal flower planters that you will ever see. A stunning crystal fruit bowl that always occupies a place of honor.Polish salt crystal lamps are amazing things. Beauty, light therapy, asthma cure, aroma therapy.


Get Unique Things Here That You Don’t Find Everywhere

This page is filled with interesting and unique products that you will not find at your local mall. We list the unique and creative products that mass marketers avoid stocking in favor of other things. Here you find many products offered by small and medium sized businesses that sell unique, high quality products. So if you are looking for something different, a collectors item, or something special, this web site is for you.

We not only show you what you can sell but also show you how best to sell it.

Buy Unique Products Retail And Wholesale

Use this page if:

checkYou are running a small business or want to start a business either online and offline and you need a source of wholesale products and help in getting started right.

checkYou need assistance in finding products for your business.

checkYou want to become a distributor of unique wholesale Polish products .

checkYou need special help finding Polish products.

We provide personal service to:

checkSmall and medium sized distributors.

checkCorporate buyers sourcing products from Poland.

checkSmall and medium sized businesses that want to buy unique products factory direct but who cannot meet factory minimums.

checkThose who wish to start a home business selling unique Polish products.

How To Use This Unique Products From Poland Web Site

Above all, please remember that we provide personal service. There is contact information in all the web pages in the navigation bar at the bottom. And while you are at it, we use Skype. Read about that in How To Call Poland.

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