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Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec Polish Pottery

Zaklady Boleslawiec pottery is one of the most well known names in the world of Polish pottery. It is a Polish state owned factory. It was originally a German factory before Poland's borders were moved West. And the patterns are, for the most part, of German origin. See About Polish Pottery

boleslawiec pottery

The factory has significant order minimums. You must order both a minimum dollar amount as well as a minimum number of pieces of one kind. These minimums change from time to time, but here we give you the latest information that we have from the factory.

Minimum order directly from the factory: Negotiable.
Minimum quantity of each item in one pattern:
Cups and saucers, paters, flower pots, cups, paters: 12pcs
Large bowls, bread containers, pots, soup tureens, vases, watering pots: 4pcs
All other items: 8pcs

Quantity of items in each classic and classic A pattern should be 40.

Quantity of items in each DU and ART pattern should be 20.

Delivery time varies and it can be as little as two months or as much as 6 months.


Ordering Pottery From This Factory

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Catalog of Items

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Ordering Pottery

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