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Wooden Products

Polish wooden products are some of the most attractive items sold to tourists that come to Poland. They are primarily sold to customers who can see, touch and feel them as compared to people who see flat pictures in an online store. That is simply because the quality of the Polish wooden products does not show well on a flat picture and when people actually see the product, they are quite surprised. The surprise results in sales.

There are many people who collect the carvings. They come in all varieties, shapes and cuts. So they have many pieces to choose from.

In this page we are giving you a selection of pages that give you targeted information related to each of the segments of the Polish wooden products industry.

Wooden Boxes

Polish wooden boxes are very popular around the world. These wooden boxes have a reputation for high quality and the manufacturers and artists that make wooden boxes in Poland have an excellent reputation for reliability.

Wooden Figures

Wood carvers from the Polish Tatra mountains in Southern Poland are know the world over for their excellent wood carvings. They make everything from wooden jewelry boxes to wooden beer tankards. And the wooden figures that they make are just amazing.


Video Presentations Of Wooden Products From Poland

In order for you to get a good feel for the quality of Polish wooden products, here are some selected video presentations with links back to pages dedicated to those particular pieces shown.