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Wooden Boxes From The Tatra Mountains of Poland

The wooden boxes made in the Tatra Mountains of Southern Poland are known the world over for their quality and unique designs. They are the product of a long standing cottage industry supported by talented Polish wood carvers who pass the tradition and patterns from generation to generation.

Below are a few pictures of some wooden boxes that are quite popular. They give you a feel for the diversity that comes out of the mountains.

The people of the Tatra Mountains are members of a unique culture. They live in what are known as the "Polish Alps" that are the highest range of the Carpathian mountain range. See Tatra mountains The tourist areas in the Tatras are about two hours from Krakow. Because of their proximity to Krakow, most of the wood carvings and boxes end up in Krakow for sale.

Entrepreneurs also buy wooden boxes on the open market. And some make regular rounds to the homes of carvers to buy what they have made.

If you wish, you can have boxes custom made. Because of the setup time involved there is generally an order minimum that varies with the design that you do order.

The boxes are most often sold as gift boxes for jewelry. Other uses include humidors and boxes for collections of small things.

Even though the main concentration of wood carvings and boxes is in and around Krakow, you can buy them all over the country. They are most often found in the tourist areas and not where the locals buy. The locals get theirs when they vacation in the Tatras or directly from the carvers that display their wares around Krakow.

 This Polish wooden box is quite popular and is typical of what many people use for jewelry storage. Box 66991For gifts or storage, wooden jewlery box 67312 is perfect for the task.Wooden Box 67509 is a favorite little storage box.  This is an all purpose box.
This wooden box 67954 is an excellent storage box.A small round wooden box that is often used for gifts of earrings. Box 67397The flat wooden boxes like this number 68325 sell very well.

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