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Handmade Wooden Jewelry Boxes

The wooden jewelry boxes shown in this page are handmade in Poland.

Each of these jewelry boxes is handmade in Southern, Poland. They are high quality pieces used for storing keepsakes, jewelry and more. There are several thousand patterns and sizes of wooden boxes that you can get from the various factories and individual wood carvers that have made Poland famous for this particular folk art.

You can see a larger picture of each item shown below by clicking on the respective picture. You can also buy a single box for personal use or as a sample.

We have limited the selection to the most popular pieces. You can get a complete collection in our catalog by asking for it at inquires@wholesale-products-poland.com

Complete descriptions of the boxes can be found by clicking on the Buy One Link under each picture.

Wooden Polish Box 39
Box 39

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Wooden Polish Box
Box 73

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Wooden Polish Box 79
Box 79

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Wooden Polish Box 144
Box 144

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Wooden Polish Box 153
Box 153

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Wooden Polish Box 224
Box 224

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Wooden Polish Box 319
Box 319

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You may submit your request for quotation or questions by sending email to inquires@wholesale-products-poland.com



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