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Wiza Polish Pottery

The full name of the factory that makes this pottery is Zaklad Ceramiczny Stanislaw Wiza. This factory is top on product and top on service.

wiza pottery collection

The pottery from the Boleslawiec Region of Poland is among the most famous in the world. In this region that lies in Southern Poland, near the German border, there are many ceramics factories producing wonderful products.

The village of Parowa, located 13 km west of the town of Boleslawiec, has long been an important ceramics production center. There you will find a factory, Zaklad Ceramiczny Stanislaw Wiza, making traditional, hand stamped stoneware of the highest quality.

Because of a careful selection of the right white clay and baking in high temperature kilns, this stoneware with terrestrial glazes is flame proof and microwave safe. And the use of under glaze patterns assures you that the d├ęcor is acid and rub proof. The pigments are lead free and ecologically safe so that you can use them to store any type food.


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There are many exciting patterns from which you may choose.



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