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Amber Health Aids

Amber has a long history  of use by medical practictioners.  It was once rated as one of the top six medicines.

In this section are products that are still in wide use today.

Amber Health products are repeat sellers and will build you a stable client base.

We recommend strongly that you read these two books.  Both at in .pdf format.  Click on the link and they will open on your computer screen.  You can save them to your computer for later reference if you wish.

The Magic Of Amber

Amber In Theraputics.


No matter what you are selling, you will get repeat sales if you offer them to your customers.





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Amber Incense Stick Package Each Containg 4 Incense Sticks
Item Details   Packages containing 4 Natural Baltic Amber incense sticks Long..
Amber Massage Cream 50 Gram  containers
Package of 5 containers to start Analgesic, improves blood flow and helps deliver oxygen..
Amber Oil in bottles 10 ml each
Pure Natural Baltic Amber oil in 10 ml bottles Restores damaged electrostatic fields in ..
Amber Powder- Packs of 100 Grams each
  Packages of 100 grams of Natural Baltic Amber powder Get a significant disco..
Amber Tincture Chips -100 gram packages
Pure, unprocessed Natural Baltic Amber for best results Comes to you direct from Poland ..
Sponsored by the Poland Import Export Chamber Of Commerce