Wholesale Products Poland

Become A Registered Wholesale Buyer

You may apply here to purchase products wholesale offered at The Wholesale Store and to make general wholesale requests.

Those products include, but are not limited to Amber Jewelry, Baby Teething Necklaces, Candles, Prayer Beads, Amber Health Items, Polish Pottery, Chirstmas Ornaments.

The Wholesale Store stocks the most commonly ordered items. You can use it as an interactive online wholesale catalog. You can check prices and place your orders directly there.

The products in the store are the most popular exports from Poland.

Note that at the wholesale store you can see the pictures of the products available. But you cannot see the prices.

Only approved wholesalers can see the prices.

We use this approval process to protect you as a wholesaler by not making the price that you paid for the products available to the general public. It also protects us from abuse by fraudulent buyers.

Approval is a two step process.

Requiring two steps is the first barrier to keeping out spammers and frauds. Those of you who are serious should not mind and acutally appreciate our efforts to limit spam.

How To Get Approved

First, create an account by registering at The Wholesale Store (Note: So that you do not loose this page, The Wholesale Store page will open in a new window on your computer screen.)

We will review your application and give you access to The Wholesale Store. You will normally be notified within one business day.