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About and buy baby teething necklace beads here.

Natural Baltic amber contains the largest amount of succinic acid of all the ambers in the world.  And that is important because succinic acid is the operative natural ingredient that causes soothing of pain.

You may buy baby teething necklace beads here and here.

There are many shapes, colors and forms of amber beads.  But the most important consideration is that the amber beads age genuine.  Color has no effect.  Genuine natural Baltic amber has an effect because that means that you are getting teething necklace beads with the highest concentration of succinic acid.

The beads shown in this video come to you directly from the manufacturer in Poland.  They are of the highest quality.  In fact, they are used by many baby teething necklace manufacturers in Poland.

So you get the best wholesale prices and the best quality.

That many teething necklace manufacturers use them in their products is an indication that these manufacturers know that they are high quality and effective at soothing pain.


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