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Watering Globe Showroom

This describes a business opportunity that exists for a plant and garden watering globe showroom. It can be run as either a wholesale or retail showroom, or better yet, as both a retail and wholesale operation.

watering ballA business opportunity exists when there is an unsatisfied demand. In this case, the demand exists because of the nature of watering globes and shipping costs related to importing them.

Please note that this opportunity is not available in the Uk because a small company took this opportunity and has now built a distribution network so large that the manufacturer has granted him exclusive rights to the products it makes.

You might consider how he did it. He started by ordering 1 pallet of globes at a time. He hired people, paid commission only, to visit garden centers, gift shops, small retailers and so on where they sold small quantities. He now orders truckloads at at time.

If he can do it, you can. It is just a matter of planning and working your plan.

The typical watering globes considered by this opportunity are Gazing Globes And Watering Balls.

Being spheres, globes occupy a significant volume. So relatively few pieces can be packed on a pallet.

And that means that the shipping cost per unit is high. When shipping small quantities from Poland to the United States, for example, in some cases the shipping cost is as much as the cost of the globes.

Shipping bulk packed containers - meaning containers without pallets - of globes makes the shipping cost tolerable and the globes profitable.

Your opportunity lies in ordering a container of product at a time and reselling small quantities to other retailers - garden shops, gift shops, outdoor market traders, groups needing something for a fundraiser web site owners.

If you are so inclined and have a packing facility, you can drop ship for others.

Your showroom does not have to be large. It just has to have room for storage and it should have room to have a selection of globes on display. It can easily be set up in a garage.

And if you attend fairs, a box trailer display should get you attention.

Tip - Displaying many globes in the many different colors will stimulate comments and sales.

Tip - Display some lighted globes and oil lamp globes. See Oil Lamps By Rogi

Your display area can be simple. You can do something similar to the simple designs used in Christmas Ornament Showrooms. Make it rustic and colorful.

Tip - If you have an open area, such as in a garden center, put up a small garden house, or something similar, and fill it with globes. And provide lighting with some garden globes.

Your inventory should be a mixed container load of watering balls and gazing globes plus some oil lamps. That you adjust, of course, based on your sense of the market.

If this opportunity interests you, contact us and give us some ideas about your intentions and we will get back to you.

Use the contact form here. Free Information Service.


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