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Watering Globes And Gazing Globes

Plant Watering globes and Gazing Globes wholesale shipped from Poland or the United States.

The garden products that come out of Poland are as colorful as they are functional. The watering balls, or globes, and the gazing globes that are shown in this page are some of the nicest that you will see. They are hand made and hand blown in the Krosno glass region of Poland. And they adhere to the quality standards of the Krosno glass companies.

The watering balls are very attractive and people, once they know what they are, buy several for themselves and many as gifts for their friends.


If you are located in North America, Plant Watering Balls - A hand made, colorful glass ball with a stem that allows you to water your plants when you go on vacation. For a unique gift item look at these.

Gazing Globe Details - The specifications and information about the various Gazing Globes that are available.

Gazing Globes - Gives you information about the way to order gazing globes on a wholesale basis. This is essential information if you are interested in ordering this product.



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