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This page describes the watches and pocket watches that are available through this firm.

Distributing Unikat Polish Design pocket watches is an excellent way to make money. They are available wholesale through this site.

These pocket watches are high quality and come with a two year replacement guarantee.

You can choose mechanical or quartz movements. Full and skeleton faces are offered in the mechanical movement styles.

While there are over 100 models available, 40 of the most popular are kept on the stocking list. Pictures of the pocket watches that stocked in Poland are at Pocket Watch Inventory

Custom watch covers and backs can be made to orders. Examples of what can be done are at Company Gifts With Logo

Watch distribution is a low investment, low inventory business model. And it lends itself to good returns whether you pursue it as a retailer or wholesaler. As such, it is an excellent choice for someone with limited capital who wants to start a small business. Though watches can be sold online, they are best sold in a way that the customer can see, touch and feel them.

As a distributor your customer base is quite broad. Aside from the logical jewelry shops, there are gift shops, tourist locations, county fairs, companies requiring client and customer gifts, shopping mall kiosks, piggy back sales such as selling at yard sales, and any place there is tourist foot traffic.

To help you understand the business, you are invited to read a suggested marketing guide that shows you how to make money with these watches. It is in .pdf format so you need the free Adobe reader ( get it here if you do not have it ). When you click on the link, the marketing guide will open in a new window on your computer. If you wish, you can save it to your computer. And by the way, there is nothing to buy and you do not have to give email addresses. Click on Watch Marketing Guide

You can get a sample pack at Watch Sample Packs

To get more details, price lists and a complete description of the recommended inventory that you carry, send email via Contact




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