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This page describes the Unikat Polish Design watch sample procedure. Information about the watches is at Watches.

If you have not already done so, you are invited to read the Watch Marketing Guide. It is in .pdf format so you need the free Adobe reader ( get it here if you do not have it ). When you click on the link, the marketing guide will open in a new window on your computer. If you wish, you can save it to your computer. And by the way, there is nothing to buy and you do not have to give email addresses. Click on Watch Marketing Guide

In order to allow you to check quality, a sample pack of five watches is offered to any company interested in selling these watches.

The selection is shown in the pictures below.

zodiac pocket watch black roman pocket watch roman skeleton pocket watch crystal globe watch silver roman quartz movement pocket watch

The price for the pack includes, because of the special work required to assemble and ship a very small order, a small order surcharge. Normal orders are priced at the current price listed in the wholesale price list. The price is $135 plus shipping. Shipment will be by UPS or Express Polish Post.

Payment is to be made by PayPal or wire transfer. Buyer pays all service and transfer fees.

Please send us mail with your shipping address so that we can give you a quotation on the shipping cost. Contact> .





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