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Train Model Steam Engine Cn2t

Buy wholesale and retail a detailed steam engine train model of a vintage locomotive Cn2t "LAS".

polish steam engine

A high quality train model for builders and collectors.

Scaled 1/25, it is attractive to collectors of train pictures and historical information as well as model builders who are willing to take on a high difficulty challenge than can yield an almost unbelieveably beautiful project.

The completed model measures 24.2 cm long. (About  9 + inches)

The model comes as a highly detailed cardstock model ready to cut out and assemble. Everything is assembled in booklet form.

Not only are there cutouts, there is excellent historical, background and technical information about the locomotive itself along with high quality images. These are highly valued by collectors.

The booklet is printed in Poland with Polish text. We add a professionally done English translation.

The book measures 11 1/2" (29.5 cm) by 8 1/2 " (20.5 cm).

The inside covers of the booklet contain engine information and building instructions. There are 7 pages of pictorial assembly instructions, 8 pages of cutouts, and one page of historical and technical data for the original engine.


This first group is a sampling of pictures in the book that show a completed model. This is the result that you will try to acheive.

t-3-z t-3-z t-3-z
t-3-z t-3-z t-3-z



To assemble this model, you cut out the pieces from pages in the book. These images show what some of the pages look like.



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