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Muslim Prayer Beads

Baltic amber Islamic prayer beads that are perhaps the highest quality amber prayer beads on the market.

The beads shown in this page are available wholesale only and are available only on special order.

The pictures show some popular standard patterns. You can, however, order your own islamic beads according to your desired patterns.

This first picture shows a special bead made from pure natural Baltic amber that is specially hand tumbled and assembled.

Raw, white and yellow white amber stones are hand picked and then tumbled to polish and to shape the beads. They are then hand chosen for color and beauty before being assembled into individual pieces.

The proper amber is difficult to find so the wait times for this bead can be longer than the wait times for the others. It is available in limited quantities only.

This bead is only for the most discriminating buyer.

white muslim prayer beads.

This bead typically weighs about 50 grams. The weight will vary, of course, because the amber stones will vary in weight. But the 50 gram weight is about what you can expect.

This compares to the other islamic beads shown below which weigh on the order of 13 to 15 grams.














The three images below show natural Baltic amber prayer beads in three different color schemes.

You can see a larger image by clicking on each of the descriptions of their respective prayer bead. The large image will open in a new window on your computer screen.

islamic prayer beads
Prayer Bead 4
islamic beads
Prayer Bead 5
prayer beads
Prayer Bead 6

And we do hope that this Prayer Bead page has been helpful.

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