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You can get polish pottery directly from the factories and from the factory store through . This page shows you how to order directly from the factory, tells you about the factory minimums, shipping information and how to avoid factory minimums.

Regardless of how much you buy, the staff at can help you get your Boleslawiec Polish pottery at the best prices. Additionally they will help you with the import process if you order from the factories.

There are some Boleslawiec factories that have exclusive distributorships for their products. So we must say that we are limited in what we can do there.

In other cases there are open distributorships. So do not be afraid to ask.

Pottery Factories

There are over forty factories that make Boleslawiec Polish pottery. Most of them are relatively unknown. But that does not detract from the quality of their products. In fact, we often buy from some of them and stock it in our shop in Warsaw. We have found that collectors love it because it is different.

But for the most part, pottery collectors know certain big companies and most of them ask for products from those companies. So while we actually deal with many, we have listed in this page those that people already know.

The factories listed here are among the most popular. They are very good to work with and they have excellent product lines. Under each of the links are catalogs and ordering information.

Each of these links will take you to full catalogs.

Zaklady Boleslawiec - This is one of the more well known factories in Boleslawiec. And it is one of the oldest.

Zaklad Ceramiczny Stanislaw Wiza - This company makes nice pottery and provides excellent service.


If you would like price lists or other information, please go here. Polish Product Information Center.

If you would like information about ordering this pottery, you are invited to go to Ordering Pottery

To Start A Polish Pottery Business - If you are interested in either starting a Polish Pottery Business or ordering Polish Pottery directly from any factory, start with the pottery catalogs. For information about getting your own catalogs, click here. Pottery Catalogs

To contact us by email to have your questions answered, Contact Us Here.



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