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Portable Work Table

This page contains information about a high density fiberboard (HDF) topped portable work table.

This table folds for easy storage and transport to any work site.

The v-leg design is strong so that you get a table that supports a lot of weight, is stable while allowing for the table to be light and easily handled.

The top finished for easy cleaning if you spill oil or mark it with grease. And, of course, the black color naturally tends to hide marks.

Actually, use is not limited to shop work. It can be used as an portable display table for outdoor markets or in any other situation where you need something portable, light and sturdy. Picnics, barbeques, school fairs, trade shows are a few.

This table is one of a series of portable work table and benches that are available factory direct from Poland.



"portable work table

The specifications for this portable work table are as follows:

Dimensions Folded: 1000 mm x 560 mm x 130 mm

Dimensions Unfolded: 2000 mm x 560 mm x 800 mm

Weight: 10.5 kg

A truckload carries 52 pallets with 34 pieces per pallet for a total of 1768 pieces per truck.

These work table are available wholesale only. For more information send email via Contact




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