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Portable Folding Tables

This page contains information about portable tables that can be used in many different settings and ways. The table shown in this page is but one of a group of tables offered by this manufacturer.

The folding table here has a center supporting leg that makes it useful for more heavy duty use.

A similar table can be purchased without the center leg. Information about that table can be found at Folding Table

This table comes in two models. There is the standard model and then the heavy duty model.

You choose either a white HDF top or an MDF top.



The specifications for these folding tables are as follows:


portable table 5003w

White HDF Top Model 2003/W

Dimensions Folded:

890 mm x 560 mm x 66 mm


Dimenstions Unfolded:

1780 mm x 560 mm x 740 mm


Standard Version:

6.5 kg

Pallet Loading:

40 pieces per pallet.


MDF Top Model 2004/M/C

Dimensions Folded:

1000 mm x 560 mm x 130 mm


Dimenstions Unfolded:

2000 mm x 560 mm x 800 mm


11 kg

Pallet Loading:

34 pieces per pallet.


These portable tables are available wholesale only. For more information send email via Contact



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