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About Boleslawiec Polish Pottery And Factories

There are about forty factories in Poland that make Polish pottery. Because it is the clay that is unique to the Boleslawiec region that makes the ceramics and stoneware so durable, most of the factories are located in or around Boleslawiec.

But there are many other smaller factories that make ceramics with the Boleslawiec clay that are located outside the region. Some of them have the clay transported to them and they make their own forms in their own kilns. Others subcontract the firing of the clay and buy forms from the major pottery manufacturers.

The smaller factories generally have some unique pieces and keep very busy supplying those who have been lucky enough to find what they make. Very little of it makes its way to the United States since it is generally sold to clients in Germany or selected galleries and shops in Poland that cater to the local and tourist trades.

The major market for Polish Pottery, however, is in the United States. There are thousands of small businesses that sell to their local markets and also sell on eBay. And collectors in the United States buy many different pieces and generally develop huge collections with a large variety of colors, patterns and shapes.

We have added here a selection of links that you can use to find Polish pottery and to pursue a business in Polish pottery.

Boleslawiec Polish Pottery comes from a part of Poland that has a very special clay that makes high quality ceramics and stoneware.

Polish Pottery - You can get polish pottery directly from the factories and from the factory store through . This page shows you how to order directly from the factory, tells you about the factory minimums, shipping information and how to avoid factory minimums.

Boleslawiec Cats - Animal figures are some of the more popular items produced by the Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Companies. And of the figures produced, the most popular are Polish Pottery Cats.

Zaklady Boleslawiec - Zaklady Boleslawiec pottery is one of the most well known names in the world of Polish pottery. It is a Polish state owned factory. It was originally a German factory before Poland's borders were moved West. And the patterns are, for the most part, of German origin

Ceramika Artystyczna Wiza - Pottery from the Boleslawiec Region of Poland is among the most famous in the world. In this region that lies in Southern Poland, near the German border, there are many ceramics factories producing wonderful products.

Polish Pottery Catalogs - This is where get copies of the various Boleslawiec Polish pottery company catalogs. The catalogs are full color catalogs on CD that you may print either in color or black and white. You may also view them directly on your computer.

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