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Natural Baltic Amber Distributor

This is a distribution business for selling Natural Baltic Amber wholesale or retail, online or off-line, that you can start up quickly, easily, and with a remarkably small investment.

With is business you will be able to sell Natural Baltic Amber into many market segments. You will be able to sell to people interested in Fashion Jewelry, Medicinal Amber, Amber Baby Teething Necklaces and more. http://www.chamberofcommerce.pl/baby-teething-necklaces/


How You Benefit By Using This Turnkey System


black dot small   You can start an Amber jewelry business on a shoestring.

Your startup costs are very low, so there is no need to hold back from having your own home business because you do not have investment capital.


black dot small   This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start an Amber jewelry business. You can be selling and making money in a short time.

You have a large and diverse potential customer base. The many types of potential customers include those in the alternative medicine market, gift shops, jewelry stores, trade shows, outdoor markets, school fund raisers, other organizational fund raisers, home party networks, college students, hospital gift shops, online gift shops, shopping mall kiosks, and any location where tourists might be looking for a unique gift.


black dot small   It allows you to create multiple streams of income by selling to both retail as well as wholesale customers.

As you move forward in business you will find that it is much easier to make continued wholesale sales to satisfy people who are retailers. Actually, you can make more money with less work wholesaling the product than you can retailing. So this business gives you the opportunity to both retail and wholesale for more money.


black dot small   There is no need to pay for a website, an online store or an off-line store. They will help, but they are not necessary.

You can run your business from anywhere. In fact, you can run it out of a briefcase. And your total inventory requirement will generally never be larger than what you can fit into a briefcase.


black dot small   With this type Amber, you can make a minimum investment to get started and have enough inventory that you can turn quickly into a profit that will allow you to build the amount of stock you have on hand. And as you have more stock you sell more.

The product is readily available and the turnaround time from the time you order until you receive it is very short.


black dot small   Restocking is very easy, also. And it is easy to restock in low volumes because the shipping is a low percentage of costs. (Shipping costs are low because even a large amount of Amber jewelry does not take much volume, so it can be shipped via UPS.)

You do not run the risk of being stuck with inventory if it turns out that you are unable to make the business go as you think because the business comes with a guaranteed by back. This guaranteed by back is unique in the industry and give you more assurance and comfort to start a business.



What You Get

black dot small   Inventory - Euro 500 to Euro 3,000. Your Choice.

You choose how much you would like to start with. The minimum is Euro 500. That equates to about 1 kilogram of necklaces and bracelets. You can buy as much more as you want, of course. But our guaranteed buy back is limited to 3000 Euro on the first order.



black dot small   Checklists And Marketing Texts


black dot small  Personal Help

Lists and texts are one thing. But you will always have questions and you will always need help. We know that so we are here to answer your questions and advise you as best we can to help you succeed.

black dot small   Periodic announcements in the Poland Chamber newsletter.

This newsletter goes out to over 15,000 people each week. It is a prime way for you to get noticed.


What You Need To Do To Get started

You need amber that people can see, touch, feel and buy on the spot.

The more you have, the more you sell. You need a minimum inventory of Euro 500 of Natural Baltic Amber. The more that you have, the more people buy, so you have the option to increase that to Euro 3,000 and still be covered by our buy back.

Since we are guaranteeing to buy back the initial purchase of Euro 500 and up to Euro 3000 in inventory, the choice of inventory for your chosen target market will be ours. We want to be sure that you stock with those pieces that we know will sell.

For example, if you intend to approach the alternative medicine market, your initial inventory may be heavy in baby teething necklaces and other necklaces that are sold in the pharmacies in Europe for medicinal purposes.

And if you are going to be selling at trade shows or outdoor markets, we will give you a different inventory mix.

To discuss your inventory requirements or your business ideas, send us e-mail and we will make arrangements for a time to call you and go over all your questions and ideas. Send it via Contact