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Mechanical Globe Watch Necklace

Wholesale mechanical, skeleton, globe watches on a lanyard necklace.

This is one of the more popular watches for gift shop sales.

This globe watch is unique, bright and attractive. Because of its silver color and dominating glass globe, it displays very well in a black gift box.

It is a skeleton design watch meaning that you can see the mechanical movement from the front and from the back.

This watch is available wholesale only. Details about ordering the watch can be found below the description and the image below.

This watch sells well as a standalone item and if you include it with a more complete display of other skeleton pocket watches, you will find that you have a very attractive gift selection in any tourist area.

globe watch


1. Mechanical movement.
2. Worn as a necklace, it is a convenient alternative to a wrist watch.
3. The front case is made of high quality resistant-scratch mineral glass
4. Black dial displayed time in black Roman numbers inside an attractive globe.
5. Leather lanyard.
6. Perfect addition to a formal or casual dressing .
7. Unique see through design, you could see the movement skeleton from back side of the case.
8. The watch powered by shaking or winding spring manually.
9.Color: Silver



Watch Size:
Case Diameter(cm): 3.0
Case thickness(cm): 2.5
Lanyard length(cm): 80




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