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The glass from Poland is famous for its quality and design. The name Krosno, a city in Poland, is synonymous with high quality glass.

Manufacturers of all types are located around Poland. In the Krosno region you find the factories that make hand blown as well as machine produced products. Outside the Krosno region the manufacturers generally do hand blown production or buy Krosno products and then embellish them in various ways. Some add amber and silver, others add fused colors and some hand paint them.

Retailers of quality products appreciate buying from Poland first because of quality but then also because of the reliability of the suppliers and the proximity of the factories that they can visit to do quality control checks.

There is nothing comparible to fine hand decorated Polish art glass.

Poland excels in the art glass category. Its machine made products are high quality and valued by companies that sell quality, but the machine made products from the Far East are so cheap that quality for them is not a gear factor. So Poland concentrates on the quality products.

Art glass is one of those quality products. What Polish artists put on glass is not seen anywhere else in the world. Information about some of that is in this page.

We would like to highlight that this glass is all gallery quality glass. It is hand done, hand painted and designed by artists. The pieces are beautiful and unique. The designs are continually changing as the artists vie for best personal reputations in the business.

Below you find information about various glass products that you can buy wholesale. If you are located in the United States, you can also buy it retail if you go to the Polish Handcraft store that you find here. Polish Handcraft

If you have a particular product in mind and would like to get a quotation directly from a factory, then you are invited to use the free service that you see at Catalogs - price lists - contact factories and factory representatives directly

About Specific Brands Of Polish Glass

Hand Made Art Glass

About Hand Made Art Glass in Poland.

Unique Art Glass

This is a small collection of hand made art glass that comes from central Poland. It is very high quality. It is what you would call substantial in that the glass is rather thick.

Hand Painted Glass Dessert Set

Pictured in this page are examples of Polish hand painted glass dessert sets. They are up scale gallery quality pieces that are created by a small business in Southern Poland.

Amber And Silver Decorated Art Glass

This is one of several pages describing this art glass and the businesses opportunities related to it. Shown in this page are some of the most popular pieces of glass sold by the manufacturer.

Hand Painted Glass

A small factory in Southern Poland offers dessert sets, clocks and many hand decorated items that are fast movers. All are hand painted and unique.

Glass Business Opportunities