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A Unique Flea Market Product - Amber

This page dicusses Natural Baltic Amber as a flea market product.

In this page we show you some pictures of people who have developed their businesses selling these products into very profitable enterprises.

The business is based around the attractiveness of natural Baltic amber. See more about Natural Baltic Amber at About Polish Natural Baltic Amber Please note that each of the pictures shows booths with hanging curtain rods from which natural Baltic amber is hung.

Hung in this manner the natural Baltic amber is a natural attractant. It brings people to the booth to by the amber and anything else that is on the table.

In these pictures you see some people who have on the table silver and amber jewelry as well as more of the natural Baltic amber.

In others, people have a selection of other things.

To get this business started we recommend that you focus on amber and silver jewelry and natural Baltic amber.

You can sell wholesale and retail. You will find that customers will ask for wholesale prices for their own shops. They will buy what they see. And when you have it out, they know what they are getting.

The combination of the natural Baltic amber hanging over the hand painted glass will make your booth very attractive and will give people an interesting choice.

The set up costs on this business are very low. As you can see you do not have to spend much money on the table and booth.

Your main cost will be inventory. And you don't have to spend much there either. You can get started with as low as 500 euro in natural Baltic amber.

You will find, however, that the more you have the more you will sell.

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amber kiosk

This shows a kiosk that specializes in jewelry. A woman has a series of these in a few shopping malls. She started at flea markets, saw the potential and moved into the shopping malls. In the fall she adds Hand formed Polish Christmas ornaments.

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