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Master Distributor Program

About the Wholesale Products Poland Master Distributor Program for the distribution of products from Poland.

We are assisting certain factories in developing distribution networks for their products. Master Distributors will assist us in that effort.

A Master Distributor will not be required to either own inventory or have a warehouse. He will act as an order aggregator.

We will lay out the details in a white paper that we will send you if you are interested in more information. But to start you, here is summary of the project.

You will contact wholesalers in your region and take orders in the amounts that you deem appropriate. You will aggregate those orders and when you get enough to fill a minumum order, forward them to our purchasing agent here in Poland.

That purchasing agent will work with you to have the goods shipped to a distribution point to be transshipped to your customers.

You will be an independent contractor and will make a percentage on all sales to your customer base.

If you are interested in the Master Distribution Program, please get information tell us what product interests you and a bit about yourself in email via Contact


Distribution Opportunities

Salt Lamps

Work Benches


Luxury Stone Sinks

Salt Panels

Gazing Globes

Watering Balls

Natural Baltic Amber Jewelry

Baby Teething Necklaces

Polish Pottery

Polish Crystal


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