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Crystal Distribution Business Opportunity

This is a wholesale crystal business distribution business opportunity to distribute crystal from the Zawiercie Crystal Factory in Poland. Zawiercie is an Old World Factory of the highest reputation and famous the world over for their crystal. More information about Zawiercie is at Zawiercie Crystal From Poland

In the pictures below are shown several views of the crystal showroom at the Zawiercie Crystal Factory in Poland. They are seeking distributors in the United States who are interested in opening similar showrooms and acting as wholesale distributors in their region.

Zawiercie 1

Your clients should be retailers who, if they can meet factory minimums, buy directly from the factory. Of if they cannot meet factory minimums, buy from your stock.

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You do not have any minimum inventory requirement but for the fact that you should keep your shelves filled as much as possible. (We will give you an initial stocking list for your shelves.)

You may, if you so wish, sell retail as well. But your primary business task is to sell to retailers.

Space, staff and shelving requirements are minimal. The showroom here is about 20 feet wide by 30 feet long. A separate room for some inventory is required.

Zawiercie 21Zawiercie 31
Zawiercie 41Zawiercie 51
Zawiercie 61Zawiercie 71

The shelving is steel tube with glass shelves. The top and base are wood. Both incandescent and halogen lights are used.

Key to the showroom is to have many different pieces that keep the client occupied and looking.

At the same time, it is important to be able to recommend to the client the fastest movers.

The wholesale distribution business is like any other business. 20% of your inventory will generally turn quite well and the other 80% tends to sit on the shelves. But you need that 80% to sell the 20%.

With a small showroom like this, you do not burden yourself with too much excess inventory.

You can also increase your sales by adding another product line on the shelves.

If you are interested in more information about being a wholesale Zawiercie crystal distributor, please contact us and be sure to tell us where you are located and give us a little information about your background.

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