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Company Gifts With Logo

This page describes pocket watches with logos to be presented as company or club gifts.

Below are some standard views of pocket covers that you may use for ideas as to how you would like to present your company or club logo.

The watches offered by "Unikat - Polish Designs". They are offered as mechanical or quartz movement. Being made to exacting standards, they come with a two year guarantee.

Watches come in a gift box that can be customized to your desires.


pocket watch
pocket watch 2 company gift
company gift with logo logo gift
watch with place for logo
company gift with logo logo gift
watch with place for logo

A more extensive showing of the pocket watches that can be used for company gifts can be seen at Watch Pictures

The main page describing the Unikat Polish Design watches is at Watches.

To get a quotation on your project, we need a picture of your logo or design in photoshop format. Lacking that, you can tell us generally what you want and we will work with you to work up your project.

Your design can be used as a cover or as a back for mechanical or quartz movement pocket watches. For complete information about watches available and a wholesale price list, send email via Contact with a short statement of what you intend to do or want.

The company is also seeking regional representatives in some countries. If you are interested, also send email and tell us where you are located and a little about you.