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Polish Christmas Ornaments Wholesale

Get handmade and hand painted Polish Christmas ornaments wholesale and retail through this page.

Below is a catalog that shows a small selection of typical ornaments that come from Poland. You may buy them by the case or by the pallet.

At the bottom of the page is a link to where you may buy these ornaments on Amazon with a discount. You are invited to look at what is available.

For information about these ornaments, contact us at inquiries @wholesale-products-poland.com . Tell us what you would like and a little about your estimate of how many you would like to buy.

These ornaments sell well all year round. They sell in jewelry stores as well as outdoor markets. And they are very attractive, fast movers in gift shops.

Start by buying one on Amazon to check the quality. Then contact us to buy a case. And then scale your orders from there.

Please remember that the pictures below are just a small sampling of what we have available. They show the quality and decorative styles you can expect.



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