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Christmas ornaments from Poland are, simply stated, the highest quality ornaments in the world. They are highly prized by collectors.

Polish Christmas ornament manufacturers are often family owned companies that have long histories of making high quality glass products.

The factories pride themselves on the art that create and do not, for the most part, stress production. They would rather stay small and provide good products rather than get large and see a reduction in their ability to maintain a good staff of high quality painters.

Hand painted Polish Christmas ornaments are collectors items. You can have Christmas ornaments customized, personalized and private labeled for your own company or group.

Christmas shops in Europe and the United States stock the high end pieces. Sometimes they sell at retail for as much as $350 each. Not all, of course, sell that high, but the price is mentioned to give you a sense of how much of a market there is for quality Christmas ornaments.

Of all the information that is provided in this page, it is probably most important that you read the section that talks about ordering ornaments. Many people come up short because they order at the last minute and are not able to get what they want.

Polish Christmas Ornaments Wholesale

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Faberge Style Egg Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments from Poland are works of art. And the work on the Faberge style ornaments is a excellent example of the quality that you get from Poland.

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