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Recommended Products For A Small Shop

To start a small gift shop selling Polish products, here are some recommendations. These are all high quality products that turn over well and help you create a very nice atmosphere that is essential for selling this type product. The pictures that you see here are from a small shop. They are actual displays. Please also see Page Two with more products. Click here.


To see information or larger images, click on the images that you see below.


Hand made dolls made to order. They are made in a very small home business. High quality and limited numbers. They are not sold to large retailers and only to selected small shops.

Polish Pottery Cats. They sell!

Polish Handmade Linen Products

Natural Baltic Amber displayed on a board or hung on the walls where people can touch it turns over very well. You can read more about it here. Natural Baltic Amber

Christmas Ornaments will sell all year round and will attract people. Get information here.

Salt Lamps originated in Poland. They give your shop a lot of color and bring new customers to you on referrals.

Crystal from Poland is unique. Look at a some good pieces that will add color and turn over well.

Unique hand painted pieces that are very attractive.

Ornaments And Christmas Ornaments that are hand painted by a man and wife. They have Christmas scenes, flowers and more. They come in two sizes. This is the larger size. These sell like candy. You see how they are displayed in the shop here. They are one of the most popular items in the shop because they are low priced and absolutely beautiful.

Hand painted glass. Made in very limited quantities by someone with a home business in Poland. Put some of this out.

Hand painted porcelain done by a local artist in Warsaw. Every set is unique. You can order sets or pieces.

This is a stand alone business that you can set up anywhere. You can buy a fully loaded table like this and go into business immediately. You can also put a table like this in your shop.

Wooden figures are always in demand. These are hand carved and high quality.

Solid oak beer tankards. They are hard to make and you don't find them very often. Great gift items.

Carved Eagles sell and are great to attract customers.

Add a pottery shelf of little things. They are high turnover items.

Please also see Page Two with more products. Click here.

If you would like information about any of these products, please send us email with your questions. To send email, Contact Us Here