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Amber And Silver Decorated Art Glass

This is one of several pages describing this art glass and the businesses opportunities related to it. Shown in this page are some of the most popular pieces of glass sold by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer starts with a top quality line of Krosno glass. It is then hand frosted and hand decorated with sterling silver and natural baltic amber. Each piece of amber is unique so each of the pieces of finished art glass is unique.

Each piece is hand done by an amber and silver artist. The factory is located in a small town in Northwest Poland where the people have a tradition of knowing how to turn silver and amber into art. The products they put out are gallery quality. The company does not sell to large retailers. You will not find these products in the large retailers in your local mall. They will be found in jewelry shops, gift shops and boutiques.

If you are interested in a small business, this product lends itself to an easy way to start up in a unique area. And since the product is particularly attractive to people who looking for wedding gifts, it gives you a good focus on building an immediate targeted clientele.

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Tea light candle holders offer you a wide range of art glass gifts. This is 1_l_09_n_15 and is 15 cm high. Art Glass Tea Light Candle Holder 1_l_08_n_20 is always appreciated as a gift because it can be used so many times. These art glass tea light candle holders make excellent gifts for any occasion. This one is 1_l_10_n_10
An art glass candle holder such as candle holder 1_s_14_n_21 always gets attention. Sugar Bowl 1_c_01_n_15 makes a unique piece of art glass as a gift. There is always an occastion where amber art glass Sugar Bowl 1_c_08_n_9 is appropriate.
Bowl 1_o_01_n_fi17, decorated with amber and silver sells very well. 1_o_30_n_fi13 1_o_14_n_fi21
1_o_23_n_fi24 1_o_10_n_fi20 1_o_08_n_fi35
1_w_82_n_26 1_w_67_n_401_o_29_n_fi25



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