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Amber and Silver Jewelry From Poland

There are many types of amber and silver jewelry and natural baltic amber jewelry that you can get from Poland. In this page we will try to give you some ideas about it and how you can sell it.

Natural Baltic Amber jewelry is the oldest form of amber jewelry. You can see it in museums and churches around Poland. And what you see looks just like what you can get today. Additionally, modern artists have added many designs to the offerings. Basic information about Natural Baltic Amber Jewelry can be seen at Baltic Amber.

Amber and Silver Jewelry from Poland is renowned for its quality and design.

There are many styles of amber and silver jewelry manufactured in Poland.

There are the traditional designs that are made according to popular patterns. They generally use natural baltic amber cabochons.

Then there is one of a kind jewelry with each piece of jewelry fashioned to fit the amber stone. In other words, the amber stone dictates the design of the piece. This is fantastically popular in Europe. It is not readily in many other countries because retailers are reluctant to buy something without seeing a picture and the artists don't have time to take and publish pictures of every piece they make.

Moving on, there are high end contemporary designs that generally use baltic amber cabochons. They are most often seen in galleries and high end jewelry shops.

Amber necklaces from Poland are some of the most beautifully designed in the world. They use only the best Natural Baltic Amber.
Natural Baltic
Amber Necklace

There are many business opportunities related to amber and silver and amber jewelry.

Natural Baltic Amber is a high profit, high turnover item. It typically sells at three to five times the price that you pay for it. In some tourist areas in France, it sells for ten times the cost.

Wholesale And Retail Turnkey Amber Business For Trade Fairs And Flea Markets

This is a very simple business, with some unique product, that is easy to start that is easy to start. In this page we show you some pictures of people who have developed their businesses selling these products into very profitable enterprises.

If you go to the Amber Room link that we provided above, you will see what amber and amber and silver jewelry is available.

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