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Baby Teething Necklace

Baby teething necklaces are very popular in the old countries of Eastern Europe where amber has a long tradition of being prized for its natural curative powers as well as its beauty.

Naturally Baltic amber is a gemstone. But it is a gemstone of a different nature.

Amber is petrified tree sap that came from pine trees that lived many millions of years ago. Those trees are prehistoric trees that have long vanished from the earth. And with them the availability of the sap that they made. Only the petrified remains of ancient sap remains in the form of amber.

That ancient sap has qualities that are different from anything available today. It is unique.

Over the centuries, people familiar with Baltic Amber came to believe that it had medicinal qualities.

One of the things that they believed it does is to relieve tooth pain. Specifically, amber hung around a child's neck helps reduce the natural irritation and pain that accompanies the growing of new teeth.

And many continue to believe that today. So in Eastern Europe when you see one of the many small children wearing amber necklaces you will know it is not being worn for beauty but for pain relief.

It is believed that you must have pure, natural baltic amber. The amber must not have anything added to it that could possibly affect its curative powers. And it should be from the Baltics.

The amber teething necklaces shown here are tumble polished, pure, Natural Baltic Amber with absolutely no additives. (To learn about the different types of amber, go to About Amber And Types of Amber)

Because no two amber stones are alike, the colors will never be the same and the shapes of the stones will never be the same. We show one necklace here as an example only. Every string is DIFFERENT.

You are invited to try one yourself.

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