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Who We Are, What We Do, Where We Are, How To Contact Us

We are a private NGO (Non Governmental Organization) that helps small and medium sized companies in Poland develop their businesses by exporting their products.

We received our initial funding and training from the Poland Chamber, Inc and now operate as a separate business entity that focuses on companies that make unique and exclusive products. These products are those that you do not generally find in shopping malls or large retailers because they are made by small and medium sized companies (generally less than 150 employees) that emphasize quality over price and that are unwilling to bend their standards for a large retailer. They want to maintain their reputations for high quality at all times and their relationships with their customers who depend on them.

Because we are independent and not associated with any government organization, and have no investors or shareholders to which we must answer, we pride ourselves on providing fair, objective advice and excellent service. We answer only to our customers.

We help foreign companies and individuals find the products that they want. You can see the services we provide on our main page and you can see information about the products in the navigation bar at the left.

Katarzyna Swiatek is the Director. You may see information about her at this link.

We are generally available from 0800 Central European Time (CET) until 1800 CET. First try calling +48 (22) 389 67 93. Because we are in Warsaw, Poland, if you call from the United States you must be attentive to time differences.

Email is at Contact Us Here